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Facing to the upcoming Machine Economy, over 5 Trilion transactions and microtrasactions happens everday by 2020, BiiLabs works with IOTA Foundation closely for next revolution (Internet of Trusted) in each industry.

DLT Research

The distributed ledger technology (DLT) revolution has only barely begun. BiiLabs works closely with IOTA Foundation on pioneering research, like Qubic, a protocol for smart contracts, outsourced computations, and more.

Customized API

BiiLabs APIs based on IOTA Tangle enable your service like Digital ID, ledger & settlement, digital forensics, micro-payment, etc. on blockchain. We provide and secure sandbox for testing and make your service on blockchain would be super easy.

Secure Data Transaction

The integrity of the system is no longer reliant on penetrating single nodes, All data is cryptographically secure in a Tangle, so that your devices can transmit valuable and sensitive data with quantum-proof security through the Tangle.

Scalable Data Business

For the first time ever true micro and even nano-transactions are enabled due to the unique IOTA Tangle architecture, providing developers with a brand new set of tools for their applications in both IoT and Web.

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Revolution on Industry

Smart Energy

Smart charging, smart mobility, smart buildings which together shape the key components of smart cities. It is more economical and faster to leapfrog legacy electric grids with their costly centralised power generation and transmission to a distributed local demand model and instead deploy smart offgrid systems. Smart energy communities can become self-sufficient and grow into transactive smart grids backed by innovative financial models.


One possible application is creating stackable certificates on the blockchain, which would enable an individual to link credentials from different institutions — for example, an undergraduate degree from one university, a graduate degree from another, and a professional certification.

Supply Chain

With the IOTA distributed ledger, collective transparency, authorized and authenticated participation, and immutability records will build trust between consumers, producers, transporters, retails and public institutions and accelerate the integration of global trade in the trading process.

Machine Economy

A new peer-to-peer network creates a machine-to-machine world without transaction fees. In simple terms, it means that machines can have their own wallets and transact automatically with other machines. And as a result, new machine-centred business models are rapidly emerging.

Digital Identity

By means of your Digital ID you could vote at elections (without providing evidence that you are eligible);get background medical record information; Cities and governments could use it for inter-organisation and inter-city data exchanges.

Data Marketplace

A decentralised approach to owning data would give control about when data is used by third parties and whom and how much these third parties have to pay for it.From there it can be offered in virtual market places to for example other traffic participants, researchers or city planners.

Explore Our Use Cases

While the whole world has adopted the "Trusted Economy." Biilabs enables a whole new realm where anything with a chip in it can be leased in real time. Most of our belongings stay idle for the vast majority of time that we possess ownership of it, but through IOTA, a lot of these things like Appliances, Tools, Drones, eBikes etc. and resources such as computer storage, computational power, WiFi bandwidth etc. can be turned into leasing-services effortlessly.

Airbox/PM2.5 with IOTA

PM2.5 is a serious problem now happening everyday in Taiwan & China. The first project is LASS issued by the community. Our team BiiLabs & NCKU DLT Lab offload the sensor data from the cloud to the IOTA Tangle. And will design the sandbox for the sensor to secure the data integrity.

Some Fun Facts

Since BiiLabs founded as a blockchain missionary, more and more partners colabarate with us for the industry innovation.

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Meet BiiLabs Team

The BiiLabs team has been working since 2016 to bring universal solutions to people all over the world. With the inclusion of IOTA/Tangle, it further disrupts the machine economies by creating real-world use cases.

Roger Garfield

Lman Chu

Co-Founder, CEO

"To solve the challenges for Internet of Everything".

Roger Garfield

Jim (jserv) Huang

Co-Founder, CTO

"A hacker, a lecturer, a father"

Roger Garfield

Light Lin

Co-Founder, CMO

"There is shadow, there is light."

Roger Garfield

X.Y. Yen

Biz Dev Manager

"A man can be destroyed, but not defeated."

Roger Garfield

J.Y. Huang

Sr. Engineer

"A midnight coder with big, warm heart"

Roger Garfield

Greg Lin

Design Strategist

"Redefine the value of authentication"

Roger Garfield

Jennifer Chung

Operation Manager

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein"

Amanda Ye

Amanda Ye

Communications Director

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” By Mahatma Gandhi.

Ender Su

Ender Su

Software Engineer

"Playing IOTA nodes with Node.js."

Roger Garfield

Jaclyn Tsai


Former minister at The Government of Taiwan, Founder of Lee, Tsai & Partners

Roger Garfield

Steve Lin


Partner & Strategy Designer, Business Models Inc. Taiwan

Roger Garfield

John Zao


The founding chairman of the IEEE Standard Working Group on Fog Computing and Networking Architecture Framework

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started


IOTA's Scalable, Decentralized, Feeless, Modular, Open-Source features make it will be the backbone of IoT Ecosystem. The Tangle ledger is able to settle transactions with zero fees so devices can trade exact amounts of resources on-demand, as well as store data from sensors and dataloggers securely and verified on the ledger. IOTA currently does two things really well: transactional settlement (especially feeless and fast micropayments) and data integrity.

What is Tangle?

The main innovation behind IOTA is the Tangle, a revolutionary new blockless distributed ledger which is scalable, lightweight and for the first time ever makes it possible to transfer value without any fees.

How do I use tangleID features?

TangleID is a secure, easy-to-use system for self-sovereign identity, built on IOTA/Tangle. An identity can be cryptographically linked to offline data stores. Each identity is capable of storing the hash of an attributed data blob, whether on Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Dropbox, etc., which is where all data associated with that identity is securely stored.
Identities are capable of updating this file themselves, such as adding a profile photo or a friend, or they can also grant others temporary permission to read or write specific files. Since they can interact with Tangle network, TangleID identities can also control digital assets such as cryptocurrencies or other tokenized assets.

What are potential use-cases?

Use cases are possible for the very first time. Real-time streaming payment services for data and energy, immutable data history tracking for supply chains, computational resource sharing (for bandwidth, CPU, and storage) and more. BiiLabs helps enable entire new business models which were previously impossible with the legacy financial system and other Distributed Ledger Technologies built on Blockchain.

Design for scalability?

By parallelizing transaction issuance and validation, IOTA is able to achieve a significantly higher transaction throughput. In a Blockchain, because many miners are working to add the next block to the chain, with significant overlap between the transactions included in their respective blocks, transactions are forced through a bottleneck by design - this is how the double-spend problem is resolved and how consensus is ultimately achieved. However, the vast majority of transactors are not trying to cheat by double-spending their coins, yet they are forced through this bottleneck nonetheless. Instead IOTA lets all transactions through and cleans up any conflicting transactions using the "heaviest Tangle" rule, More Activity=More Validation.

Zero transaction fee?

Because there are no miners in the Tangle, and the responsibility for validation is an intrinsic part of issuing a transaction, there are no transaction fees. The value sent is always equal to the value received. This enables feeless micro and even nano-payments which the emerging machine-to-machine sharing economy will require to operate at scale.

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